General Admission


General admission is for over 18’s who can acknowledge their competence to climb without supervision. This will involve registration as well as a full briefing of the “conditions of use”. Under 18’s must be supervised by a registered over 18.


Lifetime registration £10
Peak time climbing £8
Off Peak climbing (10am-4pm weekdays) £6
Ten Climb Pass £69
28 Day Pass £45
6 Month Pass £190
12 Month Pass £340


Registered Users  
Peak Time Climbers £9
Off Peak Climbers (10am-4pm weekdays) £7


Harness & Belay Rental £2.50
Shoe Rental £3.00


Under 12's Off Peak (10am-4pm weekdays) £6
Under 12's Peak £7
Accompanied by a registered Parent/Guardian climber